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The Tow Cabin Story

Camping should be easy!

8 years ago I bought a used travel trailer with dreams of camping with he family.  I spent the entire summer fixing the rotted out walls because of leaks.  Once that was fixed we finally went out camping only to have the plumbing leak through the bathroom floor.  I spent the first trip at RV parts stores. I decided used RV’s were not the way to go, and decided to  buy a brand new trailer.  I was at the lot ready to sign the papers and asked what kind of warranty I could get for leaks.  The salesman told me “they all leak, houses were not made to go down the road”. 8 Years ago I decided I would make any easy to use, element resistant RV – and the Tow Cabin was born.

The Tow Cabin Details

Tow Cabin is Light

All lightweight internal components, composite marine grade floor, and fiber glass inner and exterior shell.  All materials picked for weight and durability.

Tow Cabin is Durable

It is as close to weather proof as you can get. One piece out shell, no seams on the roof, and all the core components are made out of water resistant materials.

Tow Cabin is Versatile

The inside is canvas that you can decorate anyway you like.  It is insulated, vented and powered.  We also have some great rack systems so you can utilize the space effectively.  Beyond that, the sky’s the limit.

Tow Cabin is Fun

Hook it to car your car or truck in a couple minutes, and set it up in 15.  The less time you spend working, the more time you spend playing!

The Tow Cabin Blog

Another fun Interior

The Tow Cabin interior is a blank canvas waiting for your design. Whether you want to hangout inside and read, or spend all day out fishing, you build the interior to suit your needs and desires.  With the exception of the 12v and 110v interior interface, and the fun...

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Two Doors

Lets face the facts,small trailers are small trailers.  You can absolutely positively have two people sleep comfortably inside a small teardrop like trailer, however, if one of you needs to step out at 3am, you both get up!  Not with the Tow Cabin!  We wanted everyone...

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Less is more – the Tear Drop Question

Teardrop Trailers are all the craze, and have been fro some time.  They are light, easy to tow and just fun to look at.  However, when it come to minimalism, teardrop trailer typically do not fit the bill.  It seems the goal is to fit as much luxury as you can into a...

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Sky’s the limit with the Tow Cabin interior!

We provide you a nice insulated, ventilated interior with 12v and 110 power options (USB, 12v Vehicle, 110 GFCI), a handy rack system with tons of fun storage options and you make it your own.  My wife and I had a slightly different idea on the best way to camp, but...

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Bike, Hike, Sleep

Today was first day out with the Tow Cabin alpha. It’s hot off the production line and performed just as expected. Upon arriving at the campground I plugged in power dropped the jacks and was on my mountain bike within 10 minutes.  I spent the remainder of the day...

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